Accountability matters.

The opportunity for abuse survivors to bring legal action in our courts is not limited to the pursuit of compensation. It extends also to the important work of increasing transparency, increasing child safety, and increasing checks and balances on the Catholic Church as an incredibly powerful institution in our society.

Over the past twenty years, incredibly important reforms have been extracted from the Church through the courageous efforts of abuse survivors in the court system. The publication of lists of accused priests, the development of public archives of abuse documents, the mandatory reporting of abuse allegations to civil authorities, the removal of accused priests from active ministry, the prohibition of Church-mandated confidentiality agreements – all of these victories have been won by survivors through the civil court system.

There are more victories yet to be won through the courts. We have extensive experience in fighting these legal battles. Whatever your legal goals may be, we can help you to achieve them. Every case is different, and the goals of each survivor are unique – but the rules governing the legal process are the same for everyone, and we know those rules well.