Database Of Priests Accused Of Abuse

The Catholic Church abuse scandal has been a dark stain on the institution for decades. It is a shocking truth that has come to light in recent years, revealing the extent of the abuse perpetrated by priests within the Church. This scandal has shaken the faith of many and has raised important questions about the […]

Sam Tiesti

Faith, a concept deeply rooted in religious beliefs, is often associated with trust, loyalty, and devotion. It is the foundation upon which many individuals build their lives, finding solace and guidance in their chosen faith. However, there exists a paradox within this concept – the potential for betrayal. Betrayal, whether it be in the form […]

Raymond Kownacki

Raymond Kownacki, a former Catholic priest, was once seen as a pillar of the community. He dedicated his life to serving others and spreading the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, behind this facade of piety and devotion lay a dark secret that would shock the world. Raymond Kownacki was born into a devout Catholic […]

Looking Up A Priest In The Tribunal Database

The Tribunal Database is a comprehensive and invaluable resource that serves the purpose of documenting and archiving information related to priests. It is a centralized repository that allows individuals to search for specific priests and access relevant information about them. This database helps uncover the truth in cases involving priests who may have been involved […]

Monsignor Edward Barry

Edward Barry, a former priest in the Catholic Church, has become a significant figure in shedding light on the issue of priest abuse. Born and raised in a devout Catholic family, Barry’s story took a dark turn as allegations of abuse began to surface. Edward Barry’s upbringing was deeply rooted in Catholicism. Growing up in […]