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Reclaim Your Story.

Clergy credibly accused of abusing children within the diocese of Las Cruces, NM.

Joseph K. Anderson - Joseph Angeli - Santiago Almaguer - Filipe Baldonado - Daniel Barfield - David Bentley - Bernard Bissonnette - Alphonse Boardway - William Cody Bressler - Samuel Cabot - Felix Calonge - Camillus Cavagaro - Albert Chavez - Barry Coyle - Lambert Dannenfelser - Frank Davied - Owen de Silva - Wilfred Diamond - Kevin Dunn - Miguel Esquive - Dennis Fountain - Lucas Galvan - Damien Gamboa - Samuel Garcia - Lawrence Gaynor - Sabine Griego - Kerry Guillory - James Hay - David Holley - Gus Hootka - Austin Keegan - Robert Kirsch - Irving Klister - Laurier Labreche - Louis Ladenburger - Mark Leining - Rosario Lopez - Richard Lynch - Clive Lynn - Sylvester Mancuso - Manuel Maramba - Phillip Martin - Diego Mazon - Forest McAllister - Kevin McDonald - Juan Montoya - Arthur Morgan - Richard Nesome - Arthur O’Sullivan - Roman Pfaizer - James Porter - Bruno Primavera - Casilda Pudei - Joaquin Resma - Claude Riffel - Emilio Roure - Lawrence Schrieber - Frank Sierra - Benjamin Silva - Dennis Tejada - John Tickle - Robert Trevino - Gary Vau - David Viramontes

The Catholic Church is at a crossroads, and the Diocese of Las Cruces is no exception. The terrible sins of the past – the sexual abuse and exploitation of tens of thousands of children by thousands of predatory priests – can no longer be denied or swept under the rug.

The truth is out. The tide has turned. Survivors across the Diocese of Las Cruces, across the state, and across the county have found their voices after decades of silence, and are using those voices to demand a new era of transparency and accountability in the Church.

You have a chance to join these survivors in their call for transparency and accountability – in their call for justice. You have a chance to take a leap of faith.

We can help you: to protect your privacy, to make your own personal call for justice, and to ensure that your voice is heard.

Reclaim your voice. Call for justice. You do not have to carry these burdens alone. For our confidential hotline, please call (575) 573-8503. You may also email us confidentially at help@nmpriestabuse.com.

Survivor Stories


Growing up, Susie had looked up to Fr. Resma as a trusted figure in her community. That trust was shattered at the tender age of 6 when she became a victim of his abuse. For years, she carried the heavy burden of believing she was the only one. When Susie realized there were others who shared in the abuse, Susie made the daunting decision to speak out, to defy the walls of fear and stigma that enclosed her for so long. Coming forward was a leap of faith. It meant confronting her own trauma and reliving agonizing memories.

In taking that leap, Susie not only reclaims her own narrative but also paves the way for others to do the same. She stands as a testament to the enduring strength of survivors, an inspiration for those who may be teetering on the precipice of speaking out.


As a survivor of priest sexual abuse, Alan knows firsthand the deep and enduring pain that comes with being victimized by someone in a position of trust and authority. His abuse began when he was just 12 years old, and the scars left by his abuser have reverberated through every aspect of his life. However, rather than succumb to shame and silence, Alan has found strength in reclaiming his story and calling for accountability.

Through his own journey of healing, Alan has come to understand the profound impact of reclaiming his narrative. By speaking openly about his experiences, he has taken back the power that was stolen from him and has begun to rewrite the story of his life. He knows that this process is different for every survivor, but he also believes that it is a crucial step towards healing and empowerment.